Would Bag


The memorability is the vital step we aim to achieve,

what will remain the same when we leave? 


For this project, I am honored to collaborate with Taiwan's top wood craftsman Su. At first, Su and I tried several ways to achieve it, we used thin wood board and bent it with steam. When it was almost being done, the tiny crack occurred, and that couldn't satisfy us. In the end, we chose the original way, the logs. Cutting logs into the shape we designed was not hard, but leaving too much unnecessary margin was adding too much weight to the bag. We used the milling machine to help us reduce up to eighty-five percent of the wood of our bag. In order to create a spacious bag, this step was indispensable. Finally, the process of rounding off corners and grounding down the surface of the bag were the most time-consuming process. However, they are worthy of recalling, since they are marvelous works.

Rio Chen