Discover Unknown : the potential of Rosin


In twentieth century, people start to use resin, a huge amount of plastics are made for our daily life. Improvements in chemicals decrease the production cost but proliferate the durability as well. Flash back to nearly one century, may we start again : This is an experimental record of Rosin, a reboot from the beginning of material.

Nowadays, resources are aggressively consumed, we regard material as a foundation of an object. It plays a pivotal role in not only gently slowing down the vicious present tense but also opening a new era. Trace back to the root, we tend to dig out more possibilities in the use of source material. Natural resin is one of the most popular raw materials we use for decades and rosin has the potential in versatile phases and beautiful luster. Rosin has marvelous color and luster like an amber but more ubiquitous in our lives. We present different phases of rosin in terms of daily product application through trials over and over again. Raw material transform into multiple shapes and forms via unique process with delicate arrangement. Converting the primitive feature of material and establish a new stage for it.

Demonstrate the potential of rosin resin with experiment record and share the accessibility with the public.

Rio Chen