I’m Rio.


Rio Chen is a young, creative and also funny designer. He tends to become an artist in Master degree program in School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, let’s wait and see for that. In past few years, he has been worked with Su, who is a really talented wood craftsman in Taiwan. Later on, their works such as wood bag and bamboo-cement objects are the best present for an output. From material exploration to homeware design, every step he took was a little dangerous but cautious. He believes in small, crazy ideas in design and assumed that creativity is right here somewhere between us.

He used not only common materials that processed with ultimate techniques, but also some rare material that perfectly presented the creativity of an object. His design practices are based on the perspective of a young man who combines his hometown culture with state-of-the-art tech and crazy ideas that advocate a rule-breaking policy. Yes, this is Rio. He is conservative and somehow insanely unsatisfied with the current situation at the same time. Diversified mindsets define a unique vision for creating an object.